Truck Mounted Transfer           

For almost 100 years Roper Pump has been the leader in providing rugged, simple, cost effective pumping solutions to meet the needs of the tank truck industry. Roper transport pumps are the industry standard, with thousands of the iconic red 3600’s mounted to tank trucks all over the world. Versatility is the key, with its ability to handle thick and thin liquids equally well without any adjustments or modifications. Special designs and material options are offered for demanding applications like highly abrasive or corrosive liquids. Roper products are sold and serviced by the best transportation products distributors in the world.

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Ship & Shore Mounted Marine Transfer

From crude oil to molasses Roper has the right pump for high volume fluid transfer.  With units capable of loading and unloading more 1000 gallons per minute (227 m3/hr) bulk fluid transfer is quick - and as with any Roper pump reliable.  With a wide variety of construction materials & sealing options we’ve got the right pump to keep your rail cars, ships, and tank trucks moving.

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Locomotive, Marine, OEM & Custom Pumps

From simple modifications of standard units to a clean sheet design Roper can customize a pumping solution to fit your exact need. Our in-house design, prototype, and production capabilities provide for fast turnaround for even the most unique applications. The result, custom designed Roper pumps are found throughout the world on diesel locomotives, machine tools, blending systems, and a vast array of other leading OEM equipment. Let Roper Pumps incorporate our world renowned gear and progressing cavity technology into your equipment.

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Road Striping

Critical to keeping us all on the road and in between the lines, road striping is one of the toughest pumping applications out there.  With temperatures reaching 450°F and glass bead added for paint reflectivity, only one pump can offer the reliability needed to get the job done.  Xeric, Roper’s all metal progressive cavity design is the only option when it comes to this extremely abrasive application.  Providing consistent gentle flow, and extreme temperature capabilities, the through hardened all metal rotor/stator design of the Xeric is the only pump for the paint striping industry.  

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Paving and Crack Sealing

For decades, Roper Pumps have been incorporated into machines built by the best pavement and asphalt OEM’s. They are used in crack sealant melters, seal coat applicators, asphalt oil sprayers, and other heavy duty road surface equipment. Heat jacketing makes it easy to pre-heat the pump and built-in relief valves protect your hoses and your people.

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Hot Oil

Roper Pumps has over 150 years of experience and the ability to custom design pumps to fit the application needs. We have been a long time supplier of thermal oil (hot oil) transfer and circulating positive displacement pumps.  Sizes are available to suit the smallest to largest flows and the ability to customize to a design point of 450 °F; we can find the right pump for your job.  Designed with our Quality First approach you can be assured that the Roper Pump you receive can take the heat.


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