Durability. Reliability. Advanced technology.
Leading-class engineering. 

Power up downhole with DuraTorque®. Drill faster and longer using the shorter power section and unique stator design that increase ROP and WOB. And compared to spiraled tubes, DuraTorque Even Layer Power Sections are also less susceptible to buckling or deformation. Discover how DuraTorque provides unparalleled flexibility, along with Strength at Every Turn™.   

DuraTorque® Drilling Advantages

  • Up to 2.5x more power than standard stator designs, which substantially improves motor Rate of Penetration

  • Increased weight on bit in tight doglegs by utilizing shorter stator length

  • More compact power section for maximized length-to- torque ratio

  • Fewer stalls, which equal less stress on drill strings

  • Fewer rotor/stator combinations are required to cover the same temperature range, resulting in lower tool inventories

  • Increased fluid compatibility, including explosive decompression from gas drilling

  • Our advanced design process employs a modular approach resulting in rapid prototyping and production

  • There are virtually no limits to tube size, length, or configuration of the DuraTorque stator

  • In most cases, we can quickly design a stator to match existing rotor fleets or custom-design a complete power section to exact customer specifications

  • The DuraTorque stator is easily refurbished, and our North American manufacturing facility provides an average three-week turnaround time for stator relines

Commitment to Research and Development

  • Our dynamic high temperature lab tests materials up to 400°F/204°C

  • Our dynamometer qualifies the performance of each new design

  • The performance and reliability of each new configuration is validated by extensive testing to

  • 950,000 total cycles, including 151,000 cycles at temperature, and over 1,000 stalls

  • Our elastomer research team uses custom programs with our state-of- the-art Rubber Process

  • Analyzer to aid compound development and quality assurance

  • Bond retention testing is conducted on each batch of rubber