Model 70700

If you're faced with pumping extremely high viscosity or semidry materials that won't flow easily through a standard suction port, you'll be interested in the 70700 series of hopper feed progressing cavity pumps. The 70700 replaces the standard suction housing and circular ANSI flanges with a large rectangular hopper with sloped sides to facilitate material movement into the pump. The extra-large hopper is designed to accommodate extremely thick or dry materials that have a tendency to bridge with other manufacturers' pumps. Therefore, with the Roper 70700, a bridge breaker is normally not necessary.

From the hopper, materials are simply auger-fed to the pumping elements by a specially designed flighted connecting rod which replaces the connecting rod normally found in standard progressing cavity pumps.

So fluids that won't flow through a standard flange -- including heavy slurries, filter cake and greases -- will move steadily and reliably through the 70700 pump from Roper.