3600 Series Truck Pump with Shorter Backplate Option

Roper Pump Company has developed a shorter backplate option for the iconic 3600 Series Truck Pump.

This patented short backplate design reduces the overall pump length by 25% while maintaining all of the hydraulic performance and Roper Pumps toughness.

In this era of short truck wheelbases, larger fuel tanks, DEF tanks, and other space-hogging accessories – the shorter Roper requires less frame rail for mounting. Plus, the same pump can be used for both PTO shaft drive and hydraulic drive without changing any internal parts.

  • Available in all of the popular 2”, 3” & 4” truck pump sizes
  • Available with all existing material options
  • Comes standard with our no-drip triple lip seal
  • Retrofit kits are available to convert existing pumps

To order, just add S to the model, i.e, 3522SHBFRV, 3548SBHFRV.