The People of Roper Pump Company

One thing our customers agree on is that they love the personal touch we add to doing business.

We’re going to start introducing you to the people of Roper Pump Company since we know many of you call and talk to these men and women almost daily (especially the Customer Service and Sales Staff).  We hope this helps you connect with them even more. At Roper Pump Company we truly value our associates and hope this will help you get to know them more as we do.

Loyalty is a trait that’s inherited and not learned.  At Roper Pump we pride ourselves on a dedicated group of associates who genuinely “bleed Roper Red”.  Through good times and bad, the forward face of Roper Pump Company has always been our Commerce based support staff.  These are the people who serve as a conduit between our customers and operations - they’re the usually calming voices on the phone who manage to keep things moving.   This month we’d like to profile Natalie Pinson who’ll celebrate her 25th anniversary as part of the Roper Pump family next year.  

Natalie has been with Roper Pump Company since 1993.

She began in Customer Service serving several years there and then spent three years on the shop honing her knowledge of our pumps and the parts to make them. Upon returning to Customer Service Natalie’s firsthand knowledge of manufacturing provided even more tools to better serve our customers.  She truly relishes handling the day to day challenges and according to Natalie “I love my job and look forwarding to coming to work every day”.

Natalie has three children Matthew, Joseph (Senior Account with Roper) and Susan. She has also been blessed with four grandchildren Tyson (11), Matilda (6), Sydney (5) & Wiley (3). Natalie is an avid photographer and will take every opportunity to refine her skills whether it’s at one of the grandkids outings or at a Roper event. She has also been president of the Monday Night Ladies bowling league for the past 8 years.