Re-writing the Standard for Brewery Grain-Out Process

XERIC from Roper Pump Company is re-writing standards for brewery reliability and performance.

With its patented, all-metal disk stack stator and precision-machined rotor Xeric eliminates the problem associated with progressing cavity pumps typically used in the grain-out process - the rubber. Xeric’s unequalled ability to run dry without damage sets it apart from any other rotary positive displacement pump in the industry.

Even better, it’s not an issue if our customers don’t currently run a Roper Xeric grain-out pump. We’re now offering Xeric upgrades to some of the most commonly used PC pumps regardless of the original manufacturer.

• • •

One of the leading American craft brewers based in Escondido, CA is always striving for the highest standards in safety, quality, and efficiency. In their grain-out process this brewer was replacing the stator on their German made rubber lined pump every 3 months costing tens of thousands of dollars in repair parts, labor, and downtime.

Our German OEM competitor offered multiple “solutions” for the issue including shutdown sensors on the inlet, stator, and discharge. The issue is that this so called solution only slows the process and doesn’t fix anything. If the inlet doesn’t fill, it shuts down the pump. If the stator gets too hot, it shuts down the pump. If the discharge pressure exceeds the pumps ability, it shuts down the pump. Solution? No way.

At Roper Pump Company we actually provide a solution - eliminate the problem (the rubber).

With our Xeric technology there’s no need for faulty sensors that only warn of impending failure. If the inlet doesn’t fill, Xeric can run dry. If the stator gets too hot, Xeric has no rubber to degrade. If the discharge pressure increases, Xeric can deliver 2X’s the pressure efficiency per stage. Solution? Absolutely.

We approached this brewer with our Xeric upgrade solution and industry best 2-year warranty. The value was obvious, and we personally installed the Xeric upgrade in the beginning of February 2017 (Super Bowl Sunday to be exact – being from the Atlanta area we enjoyed not seeing that). Not only did the Xeric upgrade eliminate their 3-month failures and constant sensor driven shutdowns, but the added efficiency immediately reduced grain-out time by a full 15 minutes per batch. The reduction in time saves 2-1/2 hours a day. Over the course of a year this will result in a significant increase in production time.

• • •

At Roper Pump we constantly strive to be a leader in safety, quality, and efficiency. For customers with shared values we solve some of the toughest pump applications in the world with innovative solutions that also improve the bottom line.

Call or email today and find out how this revolutionary innovation - available only from Roper Pump Company - can start saving you time and money today.