Introducing the 3600 EVO

A new breed of the Roper 3600 pump has just been released. This EVOlution of our iconic 3600 series is engineered to outlast other pumps in the most challenging applications. The 3600 EVO is built with extremely wear resistant internals and designed to handle liquids with high abrasive content like asphalt sealcoat, molasses-based liquid feed supplements, and tar-sand crude oil. The 3600 EVO also handles fluids with low lubricity like condensate and oilfield produced water.

The 3600 EVO is fitted with an ultra-hard bushing material engineered to withstand abrasive wear. The shafts are coated with a proprietary treatment that when used in conjunction with the 3600 EVO bushings provides maximum abrasion resistance. This revolutionary combination also self-provides lubricity for “dry”/low-viscosity liquids. A triple lip cartridge seal is available and incorporates a silicon carbide shaft sleeve to ensure leak-free operation under extreme conditions. To round out the 3600 EVO’s abrasion resistant upgrades high carbon steel gears are also available.

The legendary simplicity, design features and options found in the standard 3600 product line offering are available in the 3600 EVO pump. The footprint and port mounting between standard 3600s and 3600 EVOs are identical. Drive options include bare shaft, close-coupled hydraulic motor drive, and integral Roper gearbox.

Contact your local authorized Roper Pump Company Distributor or our factory to find out how the 3600EVO can solve your toughest pumping application.