Xeric Upgrade

Do rubber-lined stators constantly have you down for replacement due to running dry, chunked, debonded, or worn rubber?

If so, then it’s time to take your progressing cavity pump to the next level with the Xeric upgrade.

With its patented, all-metal disk stack stator and precision-machined rotor, Xeric removes the problem associated with the progressing cavity pump: the rubber. Xeric’s ability to run dry without damage sets it apart from any other positive displacement pump in the industry.

It’s not an issue if you don’t currently run a Roper progressing cavity pump. Roper Pump is now offering Xeric upgrades to some of the other most widely used PC pumps. Call and find out how this new innovative product from Roper Pumps can start saving you money today.

A lubricant service company in northwest Wyoming that specializes in high performance grease servicing for large mining equipment. Their customers operate shovels and dump trucks that cost $30M and run for a month straight. The service window of the shovels is brief and strictly scheduled. They have only one shot to get in and out before they start causing downtime that costs the mine tens of thousands per hour.

The conventional rubber PC pumps they had been running took a beating in the cold Wyoming winters. The rubber gets stiff and occasionally the pump runs dry when the cold grease doesn’t flow to the pump. The operators are running multiple pumps and don’t have time to monitor every lubricant tank.

They don’t like to admit it, but every once in a while a valve may not have been opened, starving the pump (aka operator error). That’s why they didn’t want to take any more chances on their pumping equipment. They’ve begun to convert their entire fleet to Roper Xeric pumps.

PC pumps did what this company needed, but Xeric does it better. Getting operators to always open the valves is another story.