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Lube Oil

For over 100 years Roper has defined the meaning of reliability in the lube oil industry.  Mechanical equipment such as engines, machines, or other moving metal components require lubrication for longevity and Roper Pump is your trusted source for the most durable lube oil pumping solutions.  When you can’t afford downtime with your equipment use a Roper Pump for the lube oil application. 

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With a wide selection of gear pumps, progressive cavity pumps, and our newest dry-running Xeric, Roper Pumps has many options for adhesives, resins, and latex solutions. Numerous factory material of construction options such as high-temp materials and elastomer selections let you properly customize our pumps to your application.

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Waste Treatment

Whether municipal or industrial, Roper Pump Company offers a variety of innovative pump solutions for waste treatment applications.  Our ROC stainless steel pump offers gentle, worry free transfer and dosing for polymers and other chemicals.  Roper conventional progressing cavity pumps are found in a wide range of sludge applications ranging from raw sewage to semi-dry filter cake.

Our latest innovation, The XERIC, is a revolutionary progressing cavity design that completely eliminates the stator elastomer.  Unlike any other PC pump, The XERIC can run completely dry without sustaining damage to the stator.  With an exponentially longer life without a need for failure prone dry run sensors, this pump truly reduces cost, downtime, and maintenance.  What’s more, without disturbing piping or replacing drives we can upgrade most existing pumps – regardless of OEM – to XERIC technology.

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Cast iron, ductile, alloy, and stainless options allow Roper Pumps to suit all your chemical transfer pump needs. From agricultural to pharmaceutical and all points in-between, we have a large selection of pumps and sealing choices to match your application. Hydraulically driven pumps are also available for bulk chemical transport.

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