Food & Beverage


Craft Brewing

We have revolutionized one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. Xeric, our auger feed progressing cavity pump is designed to run dry. This grain-out pump is safer and more efficient than manual transfer. It also offers a higher productivity than rubber-lined pumps which need constant monitoring or complicated sensors. Available as complete units or a direct replacement rotor/stator to your existing pump body.

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Roper pumps have been used in the chocolate industry for decades throughout the world. The simplistic versatility of the 3600 series pump offers a multitude of modifications to fit in a variety of chocolate applications varying from sugar solutions to chocolate liqueurs. Optional heated jackets maintains your chocolate to your system temperatures.  

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Coined as one of the dirtiest jobs in the world; rendering solves what would be a major disposal problem.  At Roper Pumps, we have been providing innovative solutions to some of the toughest applications in the rendering industry.  For the transfer of lard, tallow, blood, yellow grease, or slurries; we can provide a durable and reliable solution to keep the rendering process up and running.  

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Aluminum Can Manufacturing

Roper Pumps have been incorporated into  lacquer injection systems for can manufacturing since 1958. The 2001 type 10 is the latest and best pump for this process. Fitted with a proprietary double mechanical seal, the 2001 can withstand pressures up to 1200 PSI while pumping up to 5 GPM. 

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Honey & Molasses / Liquid Feed          

Honey, molasses, and liquid feed are three highly viscous and abrasive liquids. Not just any pump can handle these thixotropic fluids, but Roper has developed pumps to fit various applications in this industry. From manufacturing to distribution you can count on the 2835 or 3600 pump to get the job done no matter how large or small the job.

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