Flow dividers are critical in multi chamber combustion systems to deliver precise and equal flow of liquid fuel into each combustion cans.


  • Flow dividers are designed with precision machined positive displacement gear flow elements, assembled in a circular or a linear (stacked) orientation.

  • Linear designs have one to three inlets and circular designs have only one inlet.

  • Flow divider built with as many as 20 flow elements (i.e. 20 discharges).

  • Years of combined experience running on distillates, heavy fuels and crude oil, kerosene, naphtha, and fuels with abrasives.

  • As part of a continuous program of improving the reliability of new flow dividers, all internal components, including the ball and roller bearings, are made of stainless steel materials for improved corrosion resistance. Older flow dividers can be upgraded with the new stainless steel components.

  • Very low breakaway pressures make starter motors/gear reducers unnecessary, but are optional and available upon request with any voltage and specification.

  • Speed pickup wheels are optional and flow dividers may carry one, two or three wheels.

  • Provisions for magnetic pickups are optional with as many as 5 pickup provisions available upon request. Both active and inactive speed pickups may be installed and covers are available to protect the pickup leads from damage or incorrect assembly.

  • Most of the flow dividers are repairable at one of the four repair facilities.