Happy 160th Birthday Roper Pump Company

2017 marks the 160th anniversary of Roper Pump Company. 

We celebrated 150 in style, but like most others that don’t end in a five or zero this one will probably pass without much fanfare - maybe just a card and start planning a big trip at 175. It’s still a good chance to reflect on how we got here, and more importantly ensure transfer of the Roper legacy to future generations.

We proudly trace our roots to the W.D. Trahern Pump Company of Rockford, IL that was founded in 1857 and purchased by our namesake, George D. Roper, in 1906. 

At the time Roper also owned the massive George D. Roper Corporation that included the largest gas stove factory in the world.  The pump and stove operations were split in 1957 with the latter sold off.  Roper Hydraulics (as it was called then), relocated to our current home of Commerce, Georgia in 1959 and became modern day Roper Pump Company.

Back to the beginning in 1857, when Trahern/Roper was founded James Buchanan was President of the United States and the American Civil War was still four years away.  Edison hadn’t invented the lightbulb yet and the first automobile wouldn’t be sold until almost 60 years later.  One thing that hasn’t changed in 160 years though, the world has neededpumps and Trahern/Roper has delivered.  

Trahern manufactured a line of iron and brass hand pumps that helped transform America; our current innovations do the same for industries here and around the world.  Our earliest literature from the 1800s notes: “The Trahern Iron Pump is the most simple in construction, the easiest working, and most durable pump on the market. These pumps are adapted for the House, Yard, Farm, Barn, or any place else pumps are needed.  Whenever you want a pump for any purpose be sure and get the Trahern Iron Pumps…”.   We could update the grammar and use this statement almost word for word with our products today.  

Over the years, virtually everything in our company has changed along with the world around us. While the products are vaguely similar, the ways they’re bought, sold, and used couldn’t be more different. 

Likewise, the way our pumps are made today vs. 1857 look nothing alike; the first plant didn’t even have electricity while now nearly our entire plant incorporates CNC technology.  We’ve evolved over many decades surviving The Great Depression, multiple recessions, multiple wars, reengineering & other “improvements”, yet still prospered, innovated, and grew.  On first glance, it’s easy to think this longstanding success came from a strong brand legacy and not much more.  

While the Roper Pump brand is most certainly solid, the business world is littered with examples of once equally strong companies/brands who came and went in the past 160 years.  The simple answer to what’s made the brand solid is our people who “bleed Roper red”.  Most companies tout something similar but without question Roper Pump wouldn’t be where we are today without generations of employees who’ve viewed the company as more than just a job.  This manifests itself as genuine pride in workmanship and fierce promotion or defense of the company and brand.  It drives making something that was great to start with even better – over and over.  This started in Rockford, and even with only a handful making the move to Commerce in 1959, the ethos was passed along and took hold.  As one original Rockford to Commerce transplant said, “You either get it or you don’t.”

Some generational transfer of the Roper way has literally been just that.  From the beginning it’s been common for second and third generations of the same families to also be a part of ours.  Most true denizens of Roper Pump either retire or unfortunately pass – way too many way too soon; few who get it actually leave for other jobs and many who do eventually come back.  

As American generations evolved from “Greatest” to “Silent” to “Baby Boom” to “X” and now “Millennial” so have views on careers.  Fewer people graduate now looking for a long-term job and even less want to follow their parents or grandparents professional path.  As long as we ensure newer generations continue to “get it” though there’s no doubt Roper Pump will prosper for another 160 years.

Introducing the 3600 EVO

A new breed of the Roper 3600 pump has just been released. This EVOlution of our iconic 3600 series is engineered to outlast other pumps in the most challenging applications. The 3600 EVO is built with extremely wear resistant internals and designed to handle liquids with high abrasive content like asphalt sealcoat, molasses-based liquid feed supplements, and tar-sand crude oil. The 3600 EVO also handles fluids with low lubricity like condensate and oilfield produced water.

The 3600 EVO is fitted with an ultra-hard bushing material engineered to withstand abrasive wear. The shafts are coated with a proprietary treatment that when used in conjunction with the 3600 EVO bushings provides maximum abrasion resistance. This revolutionary combination also self-provides lubricity for “dry”/low-viscosity liquids. A triple lip cartridge seal is available and incorporates a silicon carbide shaft sleeve to ensure leak-free operation under extreme conditions. To round out the 3600 EVO’s abrasion resistant upgrades high carbon steel gears are also available.

The legendary simplicity, design features and options found in the standard 3600 product line offering are available in the 3600 EVO pump. The footprint and port mounting between standard 3600s and 3600 EVOs are identical. Drive options include bare shaft, close-coupled hydraulic motor drive, and integral Roper gearbox.

Contact your local authorized Roper Pump Company Distributor or our factory to find out how the 3600EVO can solve your toughest pumping application.

What sets us apart?

In the power section industry, we’re always encountering someone who needs a product for a more specific application. Needs range from slower speeds and higher torque to longer or shorter motors depending on the required depth.

At Roper Pump, we don’t try to steer the application to “catalog products” just because it’s easier for us. Custom solutions from Roper Pump are what set us apart and unlike others we don’t require ridiculous tooling charges, massive quantity commitments, or extended development time. Instead, we take great pride in being able to provide custom solutions engineered to fit specific needs in a timely fashion.

We recently had someone request a slower-speed power section, and we engineered the solution, built the tooling, and produced a new part for them in four weeks. We also strive to anticipate the future needs of our customers based on changing market conditions and application demands.  By doing so, we can develop proactive solutions that allow our customers to compete more efficiently in a demanding and dynamic market place.

Case in point, we’ve just completed field trials on a new elastomer designed to increase reliability and power in the most challenging drilling applications. The new 60007 rubber is harder, with better chemical resistance and enhanced thermal properties which means less swell and better performance.

Check back soon for more information on our innovative “007” compound. In the meantime, please let us show you how we can Drill Faster, Drill Longer.

Upcoming Trade Shows

Roper Pump Company participates in many of our niche market trade shows and expos. It is just one way we can show you the advances we are making and to hear feedback from industry professionals.

We would like to make sure you know where you can find us at these trade shows. This blog entry will be updated throughout the year showing you the booth numbers of the trade shows where you can find us. You can also find this information on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you there. Don’t forget to ask for your free Roper Pumps t-shirt.

3600 Series Truck Pump with Shorter Backplate Option

Roper Pump Company has developed a shorter backplate option for the iconic 3600 Series Truck Pump.

This patented short backplate design reduces the overall pump length by 25% while maintaining all of the hydraulic performance and Roper Pumps toughness.

In this era of short truck wheelbases, larger fuel tanks, DEF tanks, and other space-hogging accessories – the shorter Roper requires less frame rail for mounting. Plus, the same pump can be used for both PTO shaft drive and hydraulic drive without changing any internal parts.

  • Available in all of the popular 2”, 3” & 4” truck pump sizes
  • Available with all existing material options
  • Comes standard with our no-drip triple lip seal
  • Retrofit kits are available to convert existing pumps

To order, just add S to the model, i.e, 3522SHBFRV, 3548SBHFRV.

Xeric Upgrade

Do rubber-lined stators constantly have you down for replacement due to running dry, chunked, debonded, or worn rubber?

If so, then it’s time to take your progressing cavity pump to the next level with the Xeric upgrade.

With its patented, all-metal disk stack stator and precision-machined rotor, Xeric removes the problem associated with the progressing cavity pump: the rubber. Xeric’s ability to run dry without damage sets it apart from any other positive displacement pump in the industry.

It’s not an issue if you don’t currently run a Roper progressing cavity pump. Roper Pump is now offering Xeric upgrades to some of the other most widely used PC pumps. Call and find out how this new innovative product from Roper Pumps can start saving you money today.

A lubricant service company in northwest Wyoming that specializes in high performance grease servicing for large mining equipment. Their customers operate shovels and dump trucks that cost $30M and run for a month straight. The service window of the shovels is brief and strictly scheduled. They have only one shot to get in and out before they start causing downtime that costs the mine tens of thousands per hour.

The conventional rubber PC pumps they had been running took a beating in the cold Wyoming winters. The rubber gets stiff and occasionally the pump runs dry when the cold grease doesn’t flow to the pump. The operators are running multiple pumps and don’t have time to monitor every lubricant tank.

They don’t like to admit it, but every once in a while a valve may not have been opened, starving the pump (aka operator error). That’s why they didn’t want to take any more chances on their pumping equipment. They’ve begun to convert their entire fleet to Roper Xeric pumps.

PC pumps did what this company needed, but Xeric does it better. Getting operators to always open the valves is another story.