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    Roper Pump Mobile Products Group specializes in engineered liquid bulk solutions for the tank truck industry. For decades Roper has been the leader in providing rugged, simple, cost effective options to meet the increasing demands of both hauler and shipper. Innovation keeps legacy products up-to-date to current safety standards, while unique product designs create new opportunities for both large fleets and owner operators. From the iconic 3600 series pumps to new designs like the 4400 series, the Mobile Products Group is committed to providing the best, safest product to move your liquid products, while never forgetting about your bottom line. Roper products are sold and serviced by the best transportation products distributors in the world. 
     3600 Pump  The 3600 series  pump has been the industry leader for decades. Rugged, versatile and dependable, the 3600 is the gold standard of tank truck pumps. Not content to rest on our laurels, the 3600 is continually updated with new options such as a triple lip seal, bi-directional relief valve, and new bearing materials. New sizes (3632, 3643) have been recently added that outperform similarly sized vane pumps.
     9600 Pump  The 9600 series  pump incorporates the same dependability found in the 3600’s, but is constructed from stainless steel. This pump is ideal for aggressive chemicals, or contaminant sensitive liquids. This isn’t a wimpy industrial pump trying to cut it in the demanding tank truck market. It is engineered for the rigors of the road. Like all Roper transport pumps, it can be driven via a PTO shaft or available with a close coupled hydraulic motor mounting trunk.
    5600 Pump  The 5600 series  features rubber coated gears. This allows the pump to pass small particles and abrasives that otherwise would damage steel gears. The pump and parts are dimensionally interchangeable with other brands of rubber gear pumps. Well suited for markets such as hydro-seeding, waste oils, tank bottoms, brine, etc.
     4456  The 4400 series  was designed for the most demanding truck pump market in North America – the Western Canadian oilfields. The shafts are supported by sealed ball bearings which are protected by a unique lip seal cartridge assembly. This high flow rate pump can handle a wide range of oilfield liquids, from heavy crude to condensate, produced water to well treatment chemicals.